Houses I’ve lived In

    I’ve lived in few homes and apartments over the years, first in Evansville up until 1989 when I then moved up to the Indianapolis area. These are a few of the places I’ve lived as rentals and the 3 homes I’ve owned up to my current house where I’ve lived since 1996. Right after I was born my mother purchased this house on Clayton without my father even seeing it. At the time it was only a few years old as you can see in… Read More »Houses I’ve lived In

    My cars

      Since my first car in high school I’ve gone through a few that were special to me and others that just served a function. In my youth I spent a lot of time tinkering and fixing up my vehicles but by the 90’s I just started buying brand new vehicles. Below is a list of the first up to my current vehicles. My first car was a 4 door 1969 Dodge Dart. It was my mothers but she bought another Dodge and gave this to… Read More »My cars

      1970 ~ Ohio River

        In my youth my family liked to camp and for a time we had the opportunity to rent a small beach area (100 ft per lot) on the banks of the Ohio River just upriver from downtown Evansville. Several families chipped in and ended up with 2 lots side by side. No electricity / water, etc, just 200 ft of sandy beach. So it was common on the weekends there was always someone there and many camped overnight. Several people had boats so there was… Read More »1970 ~ Ohio River

        Sol Farms Weather

          The weather geek in me decided to invest in personal weather station. I’ve been fascinated with weather since I was in grade school in the 60’s. So in my 60’s now I decided to get my own station. Ended up getting a Ecowitt system with rain gauge, anmometer, indoor and outdoor humidity and temp, and barametric pressure. Photos below. Online I’ve hooked up to the Weather Underground and our station information shows up here: There are other options available so I might be adding… Read More »Sol Farms Weather

          The Old Back Tree

            One of the features of our old house is the trees, some that were there when I purchased the home, many I’ve planted over the past 20+ years. One tree, a hardwood maple, that stood out because it nicely shaded the back porch. In the summer of 2000 it was damaged in a storm (I wasn’t home so I missed the excitement). Matt’s Tree Service trimmed it the best he could and it hung in there for many more years. Slowly the damaged area slowly… Read More »The Old Back Tree

            Spring Flower Show

              Some spring beauty from around the homestead in 2019. The peonies have been growing in front of the home for many years. They were there in 1996 when I purchased the home. I’ve been told previous owners planted them many years ago. But each year they come up and bloom around Labor Day. The decorative bird houses I made with scrap wood and added this year. The daffodils I planted not long after I moved in the 90’s and have always been the first to… Read More »Spring Flower Show

              In The Year 1949

                What a time to be alive! 4 years aftre the end of WWW II everything was looking rosy to this young couple, my mom & dad. They were still dating at the time as they didn’t get married until 1950. Maybe they went to a dance and heard the then popular songs: A Little Bird Told Me by Evelyn Night, That Lucky Old Sun by Frankie Laine and Riders in the Sky by Vaughn Monroe. Or went to see one of the new movies in the day: Samson and Delilah, On The… Read More »In The Year 1949

                New Hobby ~ Hydroponics

                  I’ve been growing gardens for years and have narrowed down my crops based on what we like to eat. Mostly tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, various salid lettuces and herbs. Now I’ve decided to see about growing year around and taking a stab at hydroponics. Just started harvesting the first batch of lettuce as we are about to get our first hard freeze (ending the remaining crops in the garden). The lettuce was great on Taco Tuesday! Lots of info on the Internet and YouTube videos so… Read More »New Hobby ~ Hydroponics