The Old Dump

Sol Farms Weather

    The weather geek in me decided to invest in personal weather station. I’ve been fascinated with weather since I was in grade school in the 60’s. So in my 60’s now I decided to get my own station. Ended up getting a Ecowitt system with rain gauge, anmometer, indoor and outdoor humidity and temp, and barametric pressure. Photos below. Online I’ve hooked up to the Weather Underground and our station information shows up here: There are other options available so I might be adding… Read More »Sol Farms Weather

    The Old Back Tree

      One of the features of our old house is the trees, some that were there when I purchased the home, many I’ve planted over the past 20+ years. One tree, a hardwood maple, that stood out because it nicely shaded the back porch. In the summer of 2000 it was damaged in a storm (I wasn’t home so I missed the excitement). Matt’s Tree Service trimmed it the best he could and it hung in there for many more years. Slowly the damaged area slowly… Read More »The Old Back Tree