Houses I’ve lived In

    I’ve lived in few homes and apartments over the years, first in Evansville up until 1989 when I then moved up to the Indianapolis area. These are a few of the places I’ve lived as rentals and the 3 homes I’ve owned up to my current house where I’ve lived since 1996.

    Right after I was born my mother purchased this house on Clayton without my father even seeing it. At the time it was only a few years old as you can see in the earlier b&w photos. There you can tell all the trees and landscaping are small. Later photos show the larger trees and the carport my father built in the mid 70’s. Note: the snow pic is from the big storm of 1978, my Dodge Dart with the jacked up rear end is not going anywhere soon.

    In the early 70’s my parents went in with 2 other families and purchased this small cabin down by Lake Barkley in Kentucky. For several years this was a weekend destination and where I picked up my love for fishing. It was always a great time with all the friends hanging out (top right photo there are people in all the windows). The bottom shot was taken from the incomplete log cabin across the road. And the front door was always like that as it seemed to keep salespeople away.

    When I moved out in the late 70’s I rented an downtown Evansville apartment and then a home on the west side with my buddy Brad. My parents had bought this house on Helmuth as a rental and for a short time Brad, myself, and another friend Greg rented this house. Lots of stories (think like a frat house) that we won’t tell on the Internet. Good thing we didn’t have social media back then.

    In 1985 I purchased my first home in Evansville on Pollack Ave, just across the street from Angel Mounds. It was also my first ‘Project House’ as you can see in the one photo were I had just tore down the old garage using my ‘Heavy Chevy” (you can see it in the background.) The digging photos are the field next to my house when they were building an I69 overpass nearby. It became known as the ‘big hole”. I do think it has since been filled in. I learned a lot working on that house and it was a perfect starter home for me in my mid 20’s. I rented it out for a bit when I moved to Indianapolis then sold it in the early 90’s.