1970 ~ Ohio River

    In my youth my family liked to camp and for a time we had the opportunity to rent a small beach area (100 ft per lot) on the banks of the Ohio River just upriver from downtown Evansville. Several families chipped in and ended up with 2 lots side by side. No electricity / water, etc, just 200 ft of sandy beach. So it was common on the weekends there was always someone there and many camped overnight. Several people had boats so there was usually a few parked there. This is before the major dam below Evansville was completed so pool stage was only 9 ft. When the river was at its lowest, an adult could almost walk out to the channel. Often there were sandbars and even us kids could easily walk out 100-150 ft and only be waist deep. It had a major impact on me on what I still remember from my childhood. In later years as an adult I did the same thing with my friends but the river was a bit different in than in 1970. These pictures were taken by my brother Dan over the course of a couple of weekends and show the typical activity we all enjoyed with many different friends and familes. Life was good.