Tim Derrick

As of 11/3/2015 there is one less Derrick in this world as my nephew Tim Derrick passed peacefully sleeping with family by his side. He succumbed to complications while waiting for a possibly lifesaving liver transplant. While the past few days of his life were a struggle for himself and family, it was heartwarming the outpouring of love from all his visitors, especially many of his childhood friends and TKE fraternity brothers from U of E who have told us many wonderful stories of how he touched their lives. As close family members often referred to him as “Mr. grumpy pants” (a common male Derrick trait as the Mrs. Derricks can attest), he actually was a fun loving, kind and gentle person who was always there to help his family and friends. He will be missed by many as he left this world way too soon.
Signed, Uncle Grumpy Pants….

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