New Hobby ~ Hydroponics

    I’ve been growing gardens for years and have narrowed down my crops based on what we like to eat. Mostly tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, various salid lettuces and herbs.

    Now I’ve decided to see about growing year around and taking a stab at hydroponics. Just started harvesting the first batch of lettuce as we are about to get our first hard freeze (ending the remaining crops in the garden). The lettuce was great on Taco Tuesday!

    Lots of info on the Internet and YouTube videos so just jump in and try it.

    Here are the first few items I started with:

    Next I put a batch of seeds in my seed starter (cooking tray).

    About 10 days later moved to the grow tub (modified storage container) with nutrient mix:

    And finally about 3 weeks later:

    Just to the side is the next batch in process and note more tubs for the later batches. The idea is to have a continuous crop as each harvest is depleted.

    For details I’m following the Kratky method so you can read more about it here: