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    Yearbook Cover

    So I was recruited by the school art teacher to do the yearbook cover. And there’s a bit of a story behind all of it:

    I really wasn’t that comfortable with the task at hand and let’s say, wasn’t to inspired on the design part. But Mr Wilson, the art teacher encouraged me to continue and thus the rather lame cougar sitting on the block letters CAZE. I don’t take credit for the ‘Remember Me in ’73’ thing.

    Unlike today publishing back then was mostly done on mimeograph for small runs like our yearbook. The problem is I did everything on the cover by hand and had to trace my work onto the stencil with an ink pen while not pressing on it or it would smear. I did this sitting in the printing room so the teacher could check and make sure the stencil was good. While sitting there, breathing in large amounts of duplicating fluid vapors (kids from that era know that smell) which is a mix of methanol and isopropanol along with cleaning fluids used to clean the mimeograph machine, I pretty much was high as a kite. I vaguely remember walking out of the room not really sure what I was doing in there. So if you think it looks a little wobbly, that’s why.

    Undefeated basketball team (no I was not part of it, you kidding?)

    Here I Am!