Oct 302019

I’ve been growing gardens for years and have narrowed down my crops based on what we like to eat. Mostly tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, various salid lettuces and herbs.

Now I’ve decided to see about growing year around and taking a stab at hydroponics. Just started harvesting the first batch of lettuce as we are about to get our first hard freeze (ending the remaining crops in the garden). The lettuce was great on Taco Tuesday!

Lots of info on the Internet and YouTube videos so just jump in and try it.

Here are the first few items I started with:

Next I put a batch of seeds in my seed starter (cooking tray).

About 10 days later moved to the grow tub (modified storage container) with nutrient mix:

And finally about 3 weeks later:

Just to the side is the next batch in process and note more tubs for the later batches. The idea is to have a continuous crop as each harvest is depleted.

For details I’m following the Kratky method so you can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kratky_method

Mar 032019

Those that know me well know I love to listen to music. Always have, always will.

Most music today is unlistenable to me but then I feel lucky to have grown up with some of the best music ever written and played. I base what I like around what is known as ‘Progressive Rock’. And 3 albums that helped launch this sound are what I still consider some of the best ever made. I call them the power trio.

The year 1969 and Led Zeppelin released their first album. My brother Dan bought it and found he didn’t like it. He then traded it to me for a couple of Sir Beef sandwiches (typical Dan). This would the first of many albums I collected over the years. I played this on my sister Debby’s hand me down tabletop record player. Bluesy rock with heavy loud guitar and I was hooked even with a mono speaker. Led Zeppelin launched a whole new version of music that annoyed many a parent in that day.

In 1973 a band with a weird name came out with one of the most unique albums up to that point that some say launched ‘Progressive Rock’ into the mainstream. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was one of the coolest things I’d ever heard and once again I was hooked. This time the product I purchased was the album upgrade known as the 8 Track Tape. This was hooked to my fathers ‘hand me down’ vacuum tube Heathkit amp. All the bells ringing on ‘Time’ cranked up on that old amp I’m sure always irritated the neighbors. But nothing is a better ‘headtrip’ than a pair of headphones and listening to DSM from beginning to end.

In the summer of 1976 I rode my 10 speed up to the mall and purchased an album (8 tracks were out by then) by a band I’d only heard a little bit. The album cover looked cool and I went home and put the album on my dad’s system, slipped on the headphones and well, once again was hooked. It’s amazing how a 3 piece band can put out such unique sound and jam like they do. My dad walked in about the 3rd time I flipped the album and I slipped off the headphones. He said “Your going to go deaf!” I nodded and slipped the headphones back on. (and yes, I’m a little deaf these days).

Feb 082018

Feb 6th 2018 was the first launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy with the most power in any rocket at this point in time. As commercial spaceflight progresses maybe humans will return to real spaceflight and travel out of Earth’s orbit again soon. These are some of the best photos provided on SpaceX’s own web site of this first launch. The first payload was a Tesla car with the astronaut dummy. Destination was to Mars. The space geek in me loves this stuff!

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I watched the launch live on YouTube

Jun 112015

When I purchased ‘This Old Dump’ back in December of 1996, there was a lot of dead plants lining the street and driveway. The next spring that turned into these. Every year since they come back and bloom right around Memorial Day weekend without fail. I never do much to them and yet they prosper as if in memory of the original owner who planted them before me (I’m the second owner of the home built in 1945).